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Check out Japan’s Katsumi Minami’s part from the Evisen video. I do video shooting and editing, and at the same time, I am a professional skater for the company Evisen. (Read 8913 times) 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic. The team does not jump off a 20 stair or does super technical maneuvers, but it does skate different spots with a twist of its own. evisen video | a film by evisen skateboards, directed by katsumi minami, co producer shinpei ueno, video production by tightbooth, edited by shinpei ueno & katsumi minami, cinematography shingo ogura / katsumi minami / shinpei ueno / koichiro uehara, additional camera work yoji mizusawa / colin read, art EVISEN VIDEO director kazuhiro hamaguchi a. Maru’s part from the Evisen video is just what you needed this weekend. The logo is a mixture of English and Ancient Japanese decoration, signifying the sense of. Reading&39;s finest bouncing around Tokyo.

Their full length block buster “The Evisen Video” is proof in the pudding and we would consider it as one of the most influential skate videos of EVISEN VIDEO this generation. From Evisen clothing through to their truly unique (and insane) videos. Laurence Keefe in The Evisen Video. The eVideon system utilizing patient education videos and interactive learning leads patients and their families through their education journey.

Re: Evisen video? Hard to know where to even begin with this one. Evisen Skateboards FW20 Is an Eclectic Series of Oversized Outerwear: Packed with nylon parkas, puffer jackets, quilted trousers and more. remember guys,re-mixes are NOT original music. Evisen Skateboards: Daido. Share this: Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). Katsumi Minami EVISEN Video Part. 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic.

Shinpei Ueno of Evisen has been busy behind the lenz and at the editing bay, putting the final touches on the much-anticipated LENZ II video. Viskart sell videos - amazing skateboarding videos posted every day and support the skateboarder who make it. MARU EVISEN VIDEO Part SOUNDTARCK BY 余興 / EVISEN VIDEO 5LACK はるかかなた / 5LACK CHI-PA-PA / FUSHIMING Fast lines, epic visuals, and spots only Japan could produce. Evisen hooks you up with Akira Imamura&39;s full part from thei. Unfortunately everything I would normally project that skate hype on to is currently. Shinpei’s always been one of our favorites but this time he really outdid himself in the first part of the Evisen Skateboards video.

pastiche is not original. Combing Western and Japanese aesthetics, the new trailer for the Evisen skate video shows off the company’s talented riders through a tripped-out, frenzied lens. Laurence Keefe EVISEN VIDEO Part SOUNDTARCK BY SHINE OF A TEAR / 5LACK SUPER PEOPLE / 5LACK IT’S LIKE WHAT / WATTER Koichiro Uehara EVISEN VIDEO Part SOUNDTARCK BY EVIGAME / WATTER SPECIAL B / PLANT D com/ Evisen is a Japanese skateboarding company that has recently dropped a skate video, this video embodies a different type of skateboarding, hauling as and responding tricks even faster. Daido x Qucon x Evisen Video 28 Oct, Qucon, a new skateboard facility/retail space in Toranomon, Tokyo, is celebrating the collaboration between Evisen Skateboards, Qucon, and world renowned Japanese street photographer Moriama Daido with a little video piece that just went live.

Videos Evisen Skateboards Welcomes Koichiro Uehara. Evisen hooks you up with Akira Imamura&39;s full part from their latest video. Katsumi Minami EVISEN VIDEO Part SOUND TRACK BY CHILL RIDE / BUDAMUNK DISCO JACKIE / 5LACK OMATURI SOULZ / 5LACK Author Topic: Evisen video? The style and trick selection is still the one we’ve grown to love but it feels like he’s really taken his approach to a whole new level. “All the music in the new Evisen video is original”.

Koichiro Uehara – Evisen Video. Evisen Video – Trailer 2 21 Nov. « Reply 23 on: Septem, 04:33:15 AM » the 1st time listed is when the doors open, the 2nd is when the premiere actually starts. Primitive Skateboards’ “Rome” Video Primitive’s international super squad checks in to stretch the limits of skating.

Laurence Keefe EVISEN VIDEO Part Decem By TWS Social icon website Social icon rss. i ve listened to 10 seconds of the list and it is a beatles song,well,yeah,original. Five minutes of the quickest foot in the East READ.

Seimi Miyahara: Evisen Video. Evisen was established in Tokyo by Japanese skateboarder Katsumi Minami, he wanted to create a brand that exemplified his passion for supporting team riders and local skate communities in typically overlooked areas of Japan. Shor West is a case in point – despite hearing plenty about The Evisen Video over the past few months I hadn’t managed to see it, so this section from the video appearing in my inbox was a definite dose of adrenalin/serotonin on a damp Wednesday afternoon. Akira Imamura&39;s "Evisen" Part. Patients and family can learn about their diagnosis, what to expect during their hospital stay, how to engage in their own care, and how to care for themselves after discharge.

“The Evisen Video” – Shinpei Ueno () Anyone who knows anything about Japanese skateboarding has been expecting Shinpei on this list. New promo from the best squad in the Far East READ MORE. This is where the Evisen skateboard team really show you Japanese style. The level of creativity across Evisen Skateboards is extremely high. maru / shinpei ueno / katsumi minami / akira imamura seimi miyahara / koichiro uehara / laurence keefe / shor west a film by evisen skateboards directed by k. by Matt Broadley. Hit play and dive in to Seimi Miyahara’s incredible section from the new Evisen video. 21, Posted in: News Die Evisen -Crew um Shinpei Ueno, Katsumi Minami, Akira Imamura, Seimi Miyahara, Koichiro Uehara, Laurence Keefe, Shor West und Maru released am 8.

29th December. Author Topic: Shinpei Ueno - Evisen video (Read 2777 times). What are you doing at Tightbooth and what’s your role at Evisen? After Miles Silvas, Robert Neal and the rest light up Florida’s hot spots, the star from Stalin Plaza, Roman Lisivka, finishes the job on the other side of the sea. See more videos for Evisen. Decem. foodeater, motion graphics by tomoyuki kujirai, sound. From videography & design to spot & trick selection, the Evisen crew are extremely dedicated, passionate and committed to perfecting their craft.

Evisen was established in Tokyo by Japanese skateboarder Katsumi Minami, who wanted to create a brand that exemplified his passion for supporting team riders and local skate communities in typically overlooked areas of Japan such as Sendai and Osaka. This video is an inspirational narrative of skateboarding in Japan, New York, and France. Evisen decks feature unreal artwork that is matched only by the skateboarding of the team. Evisen comes through with the last part from their video. originality is some concept that skateboarding should rethink. Skate naked in Tokyo with Evisen. It’s super rad and has tons of epic spots and great editing. Basically, Evisen produces skateboards, TBPR is a video-based production, and both of the brands support each other.


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